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About Program


Overview of Our Program

Our clinicians, along with our network of clinical partners, offer several tools to help you lose and maintain your weight. These include an evidence-based health coaching program, mindful eating sessions, exercise guidance, and FDA-approved prescription medications which have been proven to be safe and effective for weight loss.

We will educate you on all of your options and support you with referrals as needed. Our partners include nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, bariatric surgeons, sleep specialists, and meal replacement programs.


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Two Paths to Success

At HealthyHer we like to provide you with choices. There are two options to choose from as you begin your weight loss journey:

Journey 1: Membership Program

Month 1:

  • Initial in person 60 minute consult with nurse practitioner Rebecca Callahan includes:
    • Height, weight, and BMI calculation
    • Waist circumference
    • Blood pressure and heart rate
    • Body composition analysis using our InBody scale
    • Ordering fasting blood work
    • Sleep apnea screening
    • Review of current medications that may cause weight gain
    • Personalized exercise prescription
    • 24 hour diet recall
    • Prescription of weight loss medications if indicated
    • Review of health coaching program
    • Goal setting 
  • Weekly follow up telemedicine visits

Months 2-6:

  • Monthly in person or virtual 30 minute consults with our nurse practitioner
    • If taking a controlled substance must be in-person at least every 3 months
    • Includes body composition analysis each month if done in person

Also Included in Membership:

  • Monthly group Zoom meetings with nurse practitioner Rebecca Callahan and licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Wieliczko
  • Access to video with certified personal trainer Tiffany Baldino focusing on strength training using functional movements

Optional Extras (not included in cost of membership):

  • Virtual mindful eating course with Dr. Wieliczko
  • One-on-one personalized exercise design training session with Tiffany (in person or virtual)
  • Ongoing Maintenance Program
    • Every three months
    • 30 minutes each visit
    • Virtual or in person

Journey 2: A La Carte Program

Pay per visit

  • Initial consult required
    • Details same as membership version
  • Follow-up visits
    • Details same as membership version