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Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can seem impossible for many women. 

At Women’s Healthcare of Princeton (WHP), we can help you take that first daunting step towards achieving your weight goal. We want you to know that we have a subspecialty in renewing hope to women as they transition through menopause and beyond. It is never too late to take control over your health and to feel good about your body!

Welcome to HealthyHer, the division of WHP focused on weight management and health optimization. We can’t wait to talk with you. To listen to you, to create a plan and to share your goals.

For many women, being overweight is frustrating and affects how they look and feel about themselves. Having obesity has been linked to sleep disturbances, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease and thirteen types of cancer. Losing weight can dramatically improve your health.

Scientific research has helped us understand that there are many factors that affect weight, including sleep, stress responses, environmental stimuli, and genetic predispositions to weight gain. Excess weight is not simply a lack of willpower or due to laziness and is NOT your fault.

With modern advances in medicine, we also know more about how specific chemicals in our brain and stomach stimulate and suppress appetite. Studying these chemicals has helped to develop safe and effective medications for weight loss.


Menopause and Weight

At WHP and HealthyHer, we are menopause specialists. Part of helping you through menopause is helping you maintain or lose weight to achieve optimal health.

Hormonal changes of menopause make you more likely to retain weight around your abdomen. Menopausal weight gain is also related to aging, lifestyle and genetic factors. Even sleep disturbances common in menopause affect weight.