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5 Signs of Vaginal Atrophy

If you’re in or near menopause, thinning vaginal tissue could be contributing to vaginal atrophy, a common women’s health condition. Learn about the signs of vaginal atrophy and what you can do about it.
Mar 9th, 2021

Help for Your Menopause Symptoms

Menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, and urinary changes are frustratingly common. Learn about how you can get help for your menopause symptoms.
Feb 9th, 2021

The Importance of an Annual Well-Woman Exam

Having a well-woman exam is one of the most crucial steps you can take to safeguard your reproductive health and your overall health. Learn about why this annual checkup is so important.
Jan 7th, 2021

Why Telehealth Is Necessary Right Now

Telehealth offers you a simple, effective way to get the preventive and diagnostic care you need in a safe way. Learn about the many benefits of telehealth, and what you can expect from virtual visits.
Dec 2nd, 2020

When Should You Start Seeing a Gynecologist?

When should a young woman have her first GYN appointment? Sooner than you may think. Learn about when to schedule that first visit and what to expect in the exam room. Hint: It’s mostly talking.
Aug 28th, 2020

Low Libido? We Can Help

A decrease in sexual interest can have many causes. If you’ve noticed a drop in your desire, our providers work with you to determine its cause and to create a personalized plan to help restore your libido.
Apr 9th, 2020

How to Prevent Recurrent UTIs

Recurrent urinary tract infections are a frustrating problem for many women. Taking steps to prevent infection could help protect you from frequent UTIs.
Feb 1st, 2020

Start the New Year with a Revitalizing Chemical Peel

Is time taking a toll on your skin, leaving it looking old, rough, and coarse? Do you wish you could freshen it up? Treat yourself to a revitalizing chemical peel, which can minimize age spots, sun damage, and other flaws.
Jan 10th, 2020

Is Birth Control Without Hormones Safer?

No one type of birth control is best or safest for every woman. Learn about the advantages and downsides of hormonal vs. nonhormonal birth control methods, and the steps you can take to choose what’s right for you.
Nov 1st, 2019

Breast and colon cancer: take care of you

Regardless of age, class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family traits, or where your health racks up in a research study, everybody deserves the chance at living their healthiest self. The medical community has many resources and services th
Oct 23rd, 2019

If you have FH and want to become pregnant: read this!

To round out Heart Health Month, we interviewed Dr. Sophocles for her list of the nine most important things women who have FH (Liezle, please link post 13 at “FH”) and want to become pregnant should keep in mind.
Sep 30th, 2019

Heart Health Month

In honor of Heart Health Month, we are bringing you two pieces from WHP that discuss the intersection of women’s health and heart health.
Sep 24th, 2019


WHP is all about self-love and love that cares for others. Women’s health is important because women are the major soul movers-and-shakers of this world. An intimacy tree starts with one person and grows from there.
Sep 11th, 2019
Learn what causes heavy periods and how they are diagnosed and treated.

What Can I Do About Heavy Bleeding During Periods?

If heavy menstrual bleeding is interfering with your life, you may have a treatable medical condition that’s leading to excess blood loss. Learn what causes heavy periods and how they are diagnosed and treated.
Aug 14th, 2019
Your care providers here at Women’s Healthcare of Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey, would like to share the following infor

How Does Endometriosis Affect Fertility?

Infertility occurs in as many as 40% of women with endometriosis, a condition in which tissue from inside the uterus grows where it shouldn’t. Learn about how endometriosis affects fertility and treatment options that can help you have a baby.
Jul 18th, 2019

Feeling menopausal? These ideas might help.

Rounding out our three-part discussion on menopause, today, we talk exclusively about options you have to feel better when the most common (and most uncomfortable) of menopausal symptoms strike.
May 24th, 2019

Tracking ovulation: a primer!

Are you tracking your ovulation? It is easier than ever before in women’s gynecological history, thanks to a host of medical developments and new technologies, to know exactly when you are ovulating. In today’s post, we look at some of the tried-and-true a
May 21st, 2019

Myths and Facts About Osteoporosis

May is National Osteoporosis Month. This bone-weakening condition causes one in two women over age 50 to break a bone. However, you can lower your risk by taking some simple preventive measures.
May 10th, 2019
Hunger Hormones

Hunger Hormones

Think there is a reason that explains how hungry you are? You are right—and there are two!
Apr 29th, 2019

Menopausal weight: Stop the middle age spread!

Most women gain weight as they age, but excess pounds in your midsection aren’t inevitable! To minimize menopausal weight gain, step up your activity level and enjoy a healthy diet. Also, it helps to love yourself, regardless of your weight…Don’t finer thi
Apr 17th, 2019

Endometriosis: Let’s talk about it (and get clear)

Endometriosis, a disease of menstruation, affects up to 10% of reproductive age women. There is no cure to-date, and the disease is very difficult (and can take up to eight years) to diagnose. Dr. Shyama Mathews, of our own WHP, talks to us about women get
Apr 11th, 2019


What is a pessary and what is it used for?
Apr 8th, 2019

Vaginal Lasers: Hoodwink or Holy Grail?

MonaLisa Touch (MLT) is a clinical procedure used by gynecologists to treat vaginal atrophy caused by a menopausal lack of estrogen. At WHP, we use MLT to improve sexual comfort and urinary issues as well as conditions of the vulva. The effectiveness of th
Mar 22nd, 2019
Pap Smear, cervical cancer, Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey,

How a Pap Smear Can Save Your Life

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, an excellent time to learn more about cervical cancer prevention and to make an appointment for a pelvic exam and Pap test.
Jan 16th, 2019

How Estrogen Plays a Role in Women’s Health

How much do you know about estrogen, the crucial female hormone that plays a role in everything from puberty to menopause? Here’s some important information about this hormone, as well as advice for coping with symptoms of estrogen shortage.
Sep 13th, 2018

Could Your Pelvic Pain Be Caused by Endometriosis?

Millions of women in the United States suffer from chronic pelvic pain caused by endometriosis. Are you one of them? We share important facts about this health condition along with what you need to know about diagnosis and treatment.
Aug 3rd, 2018

Six Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Health at Any Age

Many American women live into their late 70s or early 80s, and healthy lifestyle choices make a difference. In recognition of National Women's Health Week, we offer the following steps you can take to improve your health, no matter your age.
May 24th, 2018

What Every Woman Should Know About STDs

Every April, the American Sexual Health Association works to raise awareness of STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, by bringing to light the fact that STDs remain a very clear and present danger to women’s health. Here’s what you should know.
Apr 20th, 2018

Is Permanent Birth Control Right for You?

Are you considering permanent birth control? If you’re finished having children, it’s an option you may want to explore. This information may help you decide if a permanent method of birth control is right for you.
Mar 29th, 2018

Eight Facts About Fibroid Tumors Every Woman Should Know

If you’re acquainted with the increased bleeding, bloating, and pain they can cause, you may want to know more about uterine fibroids and how to deal with them. Our team is happy to share eight facts about fibroids and the women who experience them.
Mar 13th, 2018

Causes and Solutions for Painful Intercourse

If sex has become painful, chances are there’s a reason — and a solution. Whether your problem is hormonal, gynecological, or emotional, the team at Women’s Healthcare of Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey can help.
Feb 28th, 2018

8 Tips for Managing Menopause on the Job

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or work, when you’re suffering from the symptoms of menopause, it can make even the little things hard to do. At Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, in Princeton, New Jersey, our team understands how menopause impacts your
Jan 9th, 2018